So, here’s where we’re at on this moment. After a long hiatus, I can declare that movies are coming back. SLOWLY. Forgetting about the much talked about and hyped “Barbenheimer” phenomenon (which really wasn’t a phenomenon at all – they were just two very popular movies that emerged from a desert of inactivity), indies and studios ARE pumping out more product  From the looks of it the product is relatively respectable as well  I’ll admit, I haven’t seen many of the flicks nominated yet but they’re on my radar and I’m making every attempt to get in a theater to see them  BEFORE they hit home screens. I’m still a Luddite when it comes to movies. I ENJOY seeing them on a big screen  it’s how they SHOULD be see.

Below are three links to articles of interest – if you’re a movie lover  The first is from a NYT article about a relationship and movie influence  a different take

The second talks about the winners at Sundance this year and what to look out for when they hit distribution

The third  discusses the 2024 Sundance festival as a whole. Sundance, like the movie business overall,too a real hit during COVID-19 and this year has started to see a revitalization.

But will theaters?  I just read that a famed theater in Ridgewood I believe has hit the skids and is closing? I know what THAT feels like

Click the links, read the news. Pretty interesting.